A Casper couple was arrested Tuesday morning after a fight led to police officers finding methamphetamine in their home.

Malika N. Brown, 25, was booked on charges of domestic assault and possession of a methamphetamine.

Kevin Cornell Dameron, 54, was arrested for possession of methamphetamine as a third or subsequent offense, which is a felony.

Court documents say night-shift officers were sent to the place where Brown and Dameron lived both on Monday night and earlier Tuesday morning.

Casper police responded to the home for a third time shortly after 6:30 a.m. Tuesday for a report of a family fight. Officers were reportedly told a man left his house and was yelling about his girlfriend hitting him and "pulling a knife on him."

Brown and Dameron were reportedly on the porch yelling at each other when officers arrived.

Brown allegedly took an officer into the back bedroom and said, "look, there are drugs everywhere."

The affidavit says officers saw two small jeweler's baggies containing methamphetamine in plain view on the television stand.

Dameron reportedly had blood on his lip and neck. He told officers that he asked Brown to leave the house, and they had both been drinking heavily. Brown allegedly refused to leave, leading the pair to argue again.

Dameron told officers that Brown punched him two or three times in the mouth and face. He reportedly said he didn't want her to get into trouble or go to jail, but wanted her to get help.

Court documents say Dameron never mentioned anything about Brown pulling a knife on him, but "an abundance" of knives were stashed around the house.

Brown reportedly told officers the methamphetamine wasn't hers and said she didn't care if officers searched the house. Dameron gave officers permission to search the house, according to the affidavit.

A search allegedly turned up a broken methamphetamine pipe.

Dameron allegedly admitted to injecting methamphetamine about a day and half beforehand. He was reportedly unaware of any methamphetamine in the home, saying that any meth in the residence belonged to Brown.

Brown reportedly said she had not used methamphetamine in months.

Court documents say Dameron was previously convicted of misdemeanor possession charges eight times since 1990. One possession charge against Dameron was pending as of December 2016.



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