It could have ended badly for the drone or the bird. Thankfully, this high altitude encounter was a near miss. You can watch the bird swoop in from the top left of the screen. In real time it happens in less than a second. Next, the video shows the same shot in slow motion. The peregrine falcon buzzes the drone. It must have been evaluating how edible the drone was. Quick natural reflexes prove to favor of both the falcon and the drone.

The pilot and YouTuber who posted this video is Kyle Weber. This Wyomingite is unapologetic about his love of John Deer tractors and photography. His channel is full of videos with tractors in mud, tractors in the snow, tractors in water. Then he grabs his drone to capture some of Wyoming's incredible landscapes. Thanks to Kyle taking his drone out on this brisk Wyoming day, we get to see a peregrine falcon up close and personal.


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