The automobile has come a long way, built on the dreams of Henry Ford. If he were around now, surely the modern day car would surpass even his wildest dreams.

Even in the fast paced high tech world we live, the thought of a driverless automobile seems a ridiculous idea. Maybe not!

Accenture recently conducted a survey of 14,000 people in 12 countries to gather their preferences for a driverless automobile.

--82 percent want automatic braking systems that stop the car in an emergency.
--76 percent want automatic breaking systems that prevent hitting an object.
--72 percent are most interested in collision-warning systems.
--71 percent want fully automatic parking,
--48 percent want lane-keeping systems.

Members of Gen Y (Millennials), those born in the early 80's to early 2000's, are asking automakers for the same safety features on traditional cars.