While most are seeking out superheroes and super villains, Wyoming is looking to go a different direction.

It's the toughest question to answer around this time... What's your costume? If you're like me, you still haven't decided on the perfect one just yet. You see great inspiration, like in the star-studded party that Heidi Klum hosted last year (as in the photo above with Lewis Hamilton, Trevor Noah and Jordyn Taylor), but you don't want to copy them.

Well, it's officially down to the wire so if you're looking for a sure-to-be hit we've got you covered.

Thanks to some data collected by All Home Connections and CutCableToday, we know the most popular Halloween costume for 2017 in the state of Wyoming. Now you can either purchase this costume in confidence that it will be a hit, or you can stay as far away as possible from it to avoid the awkward we're-dressed-the-same moment.

The most popular Halloween costume in the state of Wyoming is... Little Red Riding Hood.

They did not specify if this was "sexy" Red Riding Hood or "cute and appropriate" Red Riding Hood. We're sure you could go either direction and do just fine. Unless of course, you're attending your kids Halloween cake walk, then maybe you'd like to keep is classy.

You can see the entire map of Halloween costumes here.

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