I remember taking tests in school as a youngster.  Every now and then, you would come across a "real world problem solving" question that practically applied what you were learning at the time to a real world scenario.  I don't think this is one of those questions.

I know all about "trick" questions.  I have encountered many "trick" test questions that essentially test your ability to read the question.  This question, however, almost seems insulting.  I am trying not to look at this too cynically, but it is hard not to.  Maybe it was just supposed to be an easy, guaranteed to get it right question.  Maybe if the term "Real World" wasn't in there, it would be a little bit better.  I can't determine what grade level this test is from.  Judging from the answer given, the grade level can't be to low.  The child who answered the question in the photo obviously found it off-putting.  Instead of giving the obvious answer, he questioned the question.  I am not sure if he was given credit for the answer, being how he did not put the correct response down.  I applaud his mode of thinking though.  The question, in my opinion, was some-what relevant to the course study, but was very poorly worded.  It unintentionally offends the test taker.  Kids are smarter than that, give them more credit.