Another store is preparing to leave the Eastridge Mall. According to their official Facebook page, after thirty-five years of service (which is the how long the mall has been open, Roth's Shoes will be closing its doors.

Unlike some of the other recent mall closures, the reason Roth's is closing has nothing to do with the cost of mall rent. The owner is retiring. The store will remain open until the end of April 2017.

Counting Roth's, this will be the fourth Eastridge Mall store to close already this year, including Vanity, Footlocker and Shadow Ops Laser Tag.

There are four new options in the food court though! The mall has welcomed Ken and Betty's, Serendipity Cafe, B's Burgers and Porky's Pit. Torrid recently opened and a new shoe store called Encore is set to open later on this year as well.

B's Burgers and Porky's Pit - Eastridge Mall
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