Eminem has never been known to mince words, whether he's talking about himself, his family (especially his mother) or his exes (including his ex-wife Kim and rumored ex-lover Mariah Carey). It seems Slim Shady has managed to offend more people after he spit a crazy lyrical freestyle on Sway In The Morning yesterday (July 23rd, 2015).

Eminem & Sway
SwaysUniverse via YouTube

Em displayed his never-lacking, rhyming prowess, but his content is once again stirring up emotions. During the 6-minute rap session, which features no beat in the background at all and appears to be semi-promotional for the new movie and soundtrack for Southpaw, Marshall took aim at Donald Trump, Bill Cosby and Caitlyn Jenner. There were quite a view witty, yet off-color lines like:

"No disrespect though, not at all. No pun intended, that took a lot of balls."

The freestyle has been shared all over social media, but it's pretty much a split between those that enjoyed his word-play and others that didn't appreciate his seemingly homophobic slurs. In his defense, at the end of the performance, Em did say:

"And the rhyme by the way... it's all in fun, man. But just so everybody knows, that was a little freestyle... that was off the top of the dome."


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