Old dogs can be the best dogs. They’re loyal, wise, and have been around the block a time or two. Listen to the voice of reason – that old dog may be trying to tell you something, and the City Of Casper agrees. It’s time to Scoop The Poop!

Dog poop that hasn’t been picked up can be washed into storm drains, nearby waterways – and can be a major source of bacteria and parasites, in addition to being one of the least fun things to step in. Whether you walk your dog on public streets, or let it roam your backyard – ALWAYS remember to Scoop The Poop!

This year, we’re on a special hunt for Casper’s best canine senior citizen to represent this year’s Scoop The Poop campaign as the City’s official spokesdog. No young pups or whippersnappers need apply – this one’s just for our “seasoned” best friends, those old dogs that are up for a few new tricks (and great prizes)! Upload your photo here by midnight on April 5, and a panel of judges at the City Of Casper will pick out the 5 finalists that best represent the “voice of reason” for this year’s ad campaign. We’ll put them all to a public vote starting April 7, and on April 15, we’ll announce who Casper’s chosen as this year’s “Scoop The Poop” winner!

In addition to bragging rights, your pooch will get to pose for new pictures for this year’s advertisements – plus take home $100 worth of food and treats from Altitude Veterinary Hospital, $100 gift card from K&M Pet Products, and a special spokesdog collar and tag from the City. Good luck – let’s see those pics, and don’t forget to Scoop The Poop!

*Sorry, the submission phase of this contest has expired. Voting of the top 5 finalists begins Tuesday, April 7th at noon.*

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