A few days after dropping a lyric video for "Can't Let You Do It," Eric Clapton has given us another taste of his upcoming album, I Still Do. You can watch the animated clip for "Spiral" above.

The video takes Clapton fans on a journey through his life. Beginning with the Peter Blake portrait of him that makes up I Still Do's cover, the camera zooms in on his watch as it rewinds. The spiral motif is played up, working its way back in time to reveal replications of pictures of Clapton and his guitar over the years. Although he's holding a Fender Stratocaster -- the axe he's used for most of his career -- in many of the images, you see him seated with the Martin acoustic from the Unplugged album, the Gibson SG he played in Cream and the Fender Telecaster from his brief time in Blind Faith.

But it's not just about the guitars. It puts his various fashion choices he's made over the years on display, from the dapper suits favored in recent years to some -- including overalls (the 2:34 mark) and the brown-vest-and-blue-shirt combo found on the cover of Just One Night (1:57) -- that are very much a part of those eras. The video also chronicles his numerous haircuts and facial hair options throughout the decades.

The song is a slow, minor-key blues in which Clapton reaffirms his lifelong devotion to the form. "You don't know how much this means," he sings at the start, "To have this music in me / I just keep playing these blues."

I Still Do, which is coming out on Friday, May 20, is Clapton's 23rd album. It reunites him with legendary producer Glyn Johns, who worked with Clapton on 1977's Slowhand and Backless a year later. There are covers of Bob Dylan's "I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine" and Robert Johnson's "Stones in My Passway."

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