Have you ever asked Alexa or Siri a question and they give the result to a completely different question? We all have. But in certain parts of the U.S., some regions have it much worse in attempting to talk to A.I. technology

A recent study done by Gear Hungry showed that Alexa, Siri, and other A.I. voice recognition clients may hear different things based on whatever accent you may have. Although a 'Wyoming' accent wasn't necessarily accounted for in the study, there is a Western accent and a Colorado accent that share a common characteristic in that 'T's aren't always necessarily heard by A.I. technology. For example, it may not understand when you ask, 'Alexa, how far to the moun'ans?'

There's an accent fault for pretty much every region, so don't worry, we don't have it nearly as bad as some. Apparently, Maine has the toughest time trying to be understood due to the thickness of their New England accents. Alaskans, Northwesterners, New Mexicans and Chicagoans rounded out the top five for toughest accents to understand.

As for the easiest accents to understand, St. Louis took the title there. That makes perfect sense since I'm from St. Louis and I talk normal (insert tongue out emoji, I'm also joking so don't take offense). Perhaps it makes sense that my career's in the radio field since I talk on-air for a living. Alexa seems to always know what I'm saying.

To check out the full list of accents as they're understood by A.I. technology from easiest to hardest, click the link here.

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