Everyone has both heard and used so many excuses, but the most believable, and relatable, are the regional ones. If you want to get away with something depending on the time of year, you could choose one of these. If you deliver one of these you will watch your victim roll their eyes, and have a minor life crisis debating whether or not you’re lying. 


Sorry for Being Late: 

There was a bunch of turkeys in the road. 

I was stopped by the train. 

There was construction. 

Someone decided to cut me off and go 20 the whole drive.  

This deer jumped out in front of me.  

They started construction (insert place they’ve already done three years consecutively)  

I was avoiding potholes. 

I helped someone get out of the snow. 

I got stuck in the snow. 

My powers been out. 


My car/truck is always dirty because:  

I live outside of town. 

The alley by my house is always muddy. 

I don’t trust drive through car washes. 

My friend hasn’t grabbed his (tools/innertubes) from the back. 

I just floated the river.  

I’m always working.  


Disclaimer: Use these at your own risk. Townsquare Media and its employees are not liable if you are fired, dumped, or ostracized for being a flake.

Okay but seriously, try not to put yourself in situations where you have to make excuses. Be honest with people. 



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