U.S. Air Force Security Forces stationed at F.E. Warren Air Force Base have been removed from their job duties during an ongoing investigation involving marijuana use.

According to a statement from Air Force Global Strike Command Public Affairs, the "allegations of misconduct" involve airmen assigned to the 90th Security Forces Group. The 90th Security Forces group is based at F.E. Warren.

Security forces provide law enforcement on base and guard the 150 nuclear missiles in the area.

Gen. Tim Ray, Air Force Global Strike Command Commander held a no-notice leadership call at the base regarding the issue on Monday. T

“Our solemn duty is to protect this Nation; the majority of our Airmen are exceptional and have made significant gains in ensuring excellence and adhering to exacting standards,” Ray said. “But we will not give up one inch of this hard-earned ground.  When any of us see those not living up to our high standards, we will hold them accountable using all of the disciplinary tools available under the military justice system.”

The airmen under investigation are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Airmen at F.E. Warren came under scrutiny in 2016 amid a similar drug probe.

Personnel stationed at F.E. Warren operate and oversee 150 nuclear missiles in silos throughout western Nebraska, eastern Wyoming and northern Colorado.

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