The family of a Casper man who was killed after shooting and severely wounding a police officer in 2018 may sue the CIty of Casper for up to $700,000.

Daniel Wolosin is named as a personal representative in a complaint sent to the City of Casper and obtained by K2 Radio News. Though a lawsuit has not been filed, the city received a draft of what one could look like if filed in federal court.

Named as defendants in the draft lawsuit are retired Casper Police Officer Jacob Carlson, Officer Randi Garrett, the city and police department.

On May 6, 2018, Garrett responded to a report of Daniel Wolosin's brother David Wolosin letting a small child drive a sedan in a vacant lot. Another child was also inside the car.

Carlson soon arrived at the scene as a backing officer.

Video released by the Casper Police Department shows Carlson walking from his patrol car to the white sedan. Garrett is already speaking with David Wolosin. As the encounter continues, Carlson begins talking to Wolosin, who is talking on a cell phone with his left hand and tries to back away.


The video shows Carlson shoving Wolosin who pulls out a gun and fires at Carlson, who falls to the ground.

More gunfire is exchanged and the officers take cover behind the car with the children still inside.

An investigation revealed that it was a round from Garrett's gun that killed Wolosin.

Carlson spent about a month in the Wyoming Medical Center. His heart stopped beating multiple times while undergoing surgery.

Casper City Attorney John Henley said Tuesday he was "incensed" at the complaint and potential lawsuit. The attorney representing Daniel Wolosin, Ronald Pretty, could not immediately be reached for comment.

In the complaint, Daniel Wolosin claims it was unnecessary for Garrett and Carlson to shoot at David Wolosin. David Wolosin was merely defending himself by shooting Carlson, Pretty writes.

"David Wolosin exercised his right of self-defense against an ongoing and known armed assailant (Carlson)," Pretty writes. "During an exchange of gunfire, Officer Carlson was shot and David Wolosin was shot causing his death. Officer Carlson failed to be aware of his immediate surroundings and other innocent and otherwise uninvolved children in the immediate area."

The complaint also alleges poor training on the part of Casper Police Department, which Pretty says led to the shooting.

As of Tuesday evening, no lawsuit has been filed according to the federal court database

Henley said he hopes that's as far as the proposed legal action goes.

"It’s outrageous," he said. "I have a hard time believing anyone would file this."

Henley said anyone who has watched video of the incident can tell that Carlson acted appropriately. A joint investigation from the Natrona County District Attorney's Office and Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation cleared Garrett and Carlson of any wrongdoing.

What litigation would do, Henley said, is force the officers and their families to relive an event that rocked the Casper community. Henley called a potential lawsuit "another assault on the officers and their families." A suit would also be a "manipulation" of the legal system, he added.

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