Last Saturday a man down in Shiner Texas caught a 47 year-0ld man molesting his 4 year-old daughter in a barn.  He did what I would hope every father would, he started beating the crap out of the guy. 

He beat him about the face and head, and kept beating him until he was dead.  ( I like to think he might have kicked him once or twice too.) The little girl was treated at a local hospital, and will be okay. No names have been released.

The father has not been arrested, BUT a Grand Jury is going to decide if charges will be brought against him.

(I say, Hell Yeah… the daddy did good!  People, there is a difference between law and justice.  This child molester got what he deserved.  He got his ass beaten to death…THAT’S JUSTICE.  I’ll bet this man wishes none of it ever happened, especially the crime against his 4 year old baby girl.  I sure hope this father is able to avoid jail and continue to look after his daughter, she is going to need him.  That’s my two cents worth… what do you think?)