As the weather warms up, the tourist population in Yellowstone National Park grows. Check out our first example of the season of how NOT to behave in the park.

This photo of tourists getting dangerously close to wildlife in Yellowstone National Park was taken June 1st, 2017 and was posted to the Wyoming Through The Lens Facebook group by Chris Kubash. These tourists, or 'tourons' as they have come to be referred to, clearly have no idea of the danger they are putting themselves in. There have been no recent reports of wildlife related injuries from Yellowstone officials, but this photo shoot could have ended very badly and these visitors should consider themselves lucky. There also have been no reports of any citations issued.

All of us Wyomingites know how to behave around wildlife, but apparently it is not common knowledge for many visitors. Therefore, I have to say it...

DO NOT APPROACH WILDLIFE! Yellowstone is not a petting zoo, these animals can kill you. Stay away! Enjoy their grandeur from a respectable and safe distance. If you absolutely need to get this kind of shot, get a longer lens and learn photoshop.

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