The keen ears of the Red Fox can hear the mouse beneath the snow. He jumps up and dives head-first. The fox wins his prize: dinner. But the Red Fox may use more than just hearing to clutch its treat.

This video comes from Yellowstone Leo, and if you are a fan of wildlife videos like this one, his YouTube channel is worth a visit. Not only does he have unique animal behaviors on video, but he provides great details in the descriptions. For example in this video, he discusses that the Red Fox may use the Earths magnetic field to grab this snack.

This pounce known as “mousing” is a common sight for some, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Some researchers who’ve studied mousing have found that when a Red Fox pounces it mostly jumps in a north-easterly direction. And these researchers think that the Foxes are using the Earth’s magnetic field to hunt. - Yellowstone Leo Writes in the desciption of "Mousing's Magnetic Mystery"

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