Printed paper isn't your only option anymore. Fishing licenses are going high-tech in Wyoming, as starting this weekend the Wyoming Game and Fish Department will begin accepting electronic versions of fishing licenses and Conservation Stamps on mobile devices. Game and Fish says you can forgo the paper version as long as you have your licenses saved and accessible, and you're willing to present your phone to law enforcement.

“If a customer wants to use this option we hope this makes it easier to carry your license when you are enjoying the outdoors,” said Jennifer Doering, Game and Fish license section manager. “To add the license to your mobile device, save the JPEG image when you purchase online to a photo gallery on your phone or to cloud storage you can get to without cell service.”

If you already bought your license and want an electronic copy you can go to and log back into your account to download, or create an account with the sportsman's ID number on your paper license if you already purchased it.

  • Going to
  • Click on the “Purchase licenses” link.
  • Enter your information to access your sportsperson profile.
  • Go to Previously Purchased Products.
  • Download and save your licenses to your mobile device.

Officials say if you do choose to carry an electronic version of your fishing license or Conservation Stamp, you must be able and prepared to provide your mobile device to law enforcement so they can review them. An electronic receipt is not proof of license in the field.

This fall when small game and bird hunting seasons start, Game and Fish will also accept those licenses on mobile devices. Hunters using a license that has a carcass coupon will have to continue to carry printed licenses.

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