GameStop and digital PC game distributor Steam have always given each other the stink eye. The retailer even tried to swipe some of Steam’s customers by buying one of Valve’s rivals, Impulse, but has apparently realized that it’s easier to join Valve rather than fight against it.

A company source told Kotaku that GameStop will soon start offering Steam voucher cards along with its rack of gift cards for PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Nintendo Network, iTunes and umpteen mobile and browser games.

Finally, gamers will be able to trade in their stacks of used games for a Steam card they’ll be able to use on some PC downloads.

Maybe we’ve got dirty minds, but when we picture the rendezvous that produced this new policy, we see the Valve brass gradually seducing the initially resistant GameStop (both are gorgeous women, by the way), weakening its defenses until it gives in to its passions, letting Valve have its way with it in, where else, a steamy shower.

That’s how corporate meetings work, right?

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