Gene Simmons is using a physical ailment suffered by one of his foster children as an opportunity to help spread awareness and encourage charity efforts from anyone who has a little extra to lend a hand.

KSHE reports that Simmons has brought his foster son Zinnah from Liberia to Los Angeles, where he's scheduled to undergo surgery on his legs to correct an unspecified condition. Zinnah is just one of many children Simmons has sponsored through the Child Fund, and as he told the station, he feels it's the least he — or any of us — can do.

"Look, we can all do more, especially if it doesn't affect our lifestyles. So if you're sitting at home and you got a few extra bucks in your pocket, you know what to do. You know how to make God smile. Come on," said Simmons. "I had to do this because children are our future. The next great mind or humanitarian could come from Africa. Because children are our responsibility, I urge you to do something. Pick up the phone and call Child Fund, or another charity organization and find out what you can do. You will make all the difference to a child far, far away — whose dreams are every bit as important as your child's dreams."

As Simmons noted in his remarks, the travel and operations are being covered by Mending Kids — another charitable organization that has ties to Kiss through work done by co-founder Paul Stanley. Visit the Child Fund and Mending Kids' websites for more information.

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