September 12th, was National Videogame Day! Even if you’re not an a “gamer” mixed drinks are still a rather fun pastime. What’s not to love about all the colors in a nice layered drink, fancy bottles, and getting lit*. Even if you decide not to use these today, these are great drinks to have for all kinds of parties! Take a seat, watch a video, impress your friends by learning a drink (or five).

*(Lit is actually a jazz term born in the prohibition meaning buzzed)



Rainbow Road Cocktail: Mario Kart, Secret of the Booze

You Will Need:


Grapefruit Juice

Orange Juice

Kool-Aid Berry Blast (blue Kool-Aid)



Slowly pour each non-alcoholic ingredient dividing each with a little rum.



Save Barrel: Donkey Kong Country, Bartendo

You Will Need:

Spiced Rum


Whole Milk

Simple Syrup

Orange Juice

1 Banana

1 Orange

Mint leaves


Mix 2oz. Spiced rum, 1oz. Amaretto, 1oz. Whole Milk, .5oz. Simple Syrup, 1oz. Orange Juice in a cup.

Slice your banana in half and put it in a cup to blend with a handful of ice.

Pour your liquids in the banana/ice cup and blend.

Pour into glass and garnish with an orange slice, nut meg powder, and mint leaves.



The Master Sword: SinCityBartender

@sincitybartender this drink has become a sin city classic. lol #zelda #sincitybartender ♬ Ocarina Of Time Theme (From "The Legend Of Zelda") - Gaming World

You Will Need:


Elderflower Liqueur

Blue Curacao

Luster Dust

Club Soda


Mix 1oz. Gin, .5oz Elderflower Liqueur, and .5oz Blue Curacao in a shot glass.

Put a glass with a flat bottom upside down over the shot glass, Carefully flip the whole thing over.

Pour some Luster dust around the bottom of the glass around the shot and add 5oz. of Club Soda in the glass.

Pull out the Master Sword (the shot glass) watch and enjoy!



Diablo Skittle Vodka Potions: Diablo, Rosanna Pansino

You Will Need:

Skittles (Lots)

6 Separate swing top bottles bottles

Coffee Filters






Fill the bottom of the bottles with singular skittle colors: 1 Blue, 1 Orange, 1 Purple, 1 Green, 1 Red them pour vodka and leave overnight.

Place the yellow skittles in a bowl with some water and let them dissolve until they lose color, then place them in a separate bottle and pour the vodka over them. Let sit overnight.

Take a coffee filter and place it over a cup and slowly pour each color in a separate glass.

Pour as much vodka as you want in your serving glass and fill the rest with your sprite.



Fallout Stimpack Shot: Fallout, How To Drink

You Will Need:

1oz. Lemon Juice

1oz. Ginger Syrup

1oz. Vodka

.25oz. Suze


Mix all your ingredients into a shaker with ice.

Shake it like a Polaroid picture.

Filter as you pour.


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