Baby Yoda is the cutest thing to come along in a long time. It's such a rage that the SpaceX crew just took one to the International Space Station. 

I'm sure after a while we will all have had enough. But let's enjoy this while we can.

It's holiday cooking time. Someone has figured out how to make Baby Yoda deviled eggs. What's fun about this is that the egg part of this recipe looks a lot like the "baby carriage" that Baby Yoda rides around in. 

If you would like your egg to look more like Baby Yoda's baby carriage this video can help you with that.

I won't get into how you make these things. Lets just say it's egg and avocado. You can find the recipe in the video above and by visiting this article at Popcorner Reviews.

The problem I would have here is, how the heck do I bite the head off of Baby Yoda in order to eat this thing? That just seems wrong.

Here is how you make Baby Yoda cup cakes. Then there are Baby Yoda cookies. 

The last straw for me was this video on how to make a Baby Yoda cocktail. YES, it's a drink that looks like Baby Yoda.

And at this point I'm tired of saying Baby Yoda.

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