I'll come out and say it, add bacon to ANYTHING and it's better.

But bacon wrapped oreos?

And we're not talking deep-fried oreos here (an obvious classic), but basic, grilled bacon-wrapped oreos.

Well, okay, cook them up and I'll give them a try. But I'll have to say that for once I have my doubts. Maybe there is something that bacon doesn't go with. Also, the idea of a grilled oreo seems a bit odd to me. Does it get soft or crispy??

In the video above a gentleman, who has the same doubts as me, decided to give it a go. He seems to know a thing or two about cooking weird foods on his grill which means he even knows how to spice the treat up a bit.

I had a hard time with that last part. I mean, bacon and oreos are one thing. On the grill makes it really weird. What the heck would anyone season that with?

He'll show and explain in the video.

By the time he's done, those oreos have been on the grill for almost an hour. Just let that sink in for a moment.

I left one video for you, above, but I watched several and to my surprise the people making these things actually seem to like them.

Not everyone added as much seasoning or cooked them the way this gentleman did. Most folks just wrapped the cookie in bacon and roasted it on the grill until the bacon was done.

If this works then we can say for sure, bacon goes with everything.

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