Republican Foster Friess didn't win his party's primary for governor last month.

But that isn't stopping some person or persons claiming to be supporters from trying to persuade others to write in his name on the Nov. 6 general election ballot, according to a "Draft Foster Friess" website.

It is unknown who is promoting the effort.

At the bottom of the website, There is the statement "Copyright 2018 Draft Foster." That name is not listed in the Secretary of State's business center search website. A message sent to the "Draft Foster Friess" Facebook page seeking comment was not returned.

The website speaks more about GOP gubernatorial candidate Mark Gordon and Democratic candidate Mary Throne than it is about Friess.

Tom Morton, Townsquare Media
Tom Morton, Townsquare Media

Mark Gordon won the GOP Aug. 21 primary with 38,952 votes, with Friess coming in second with 29,842 votes, and followed by Harriet Hageman, Sam Galeotos, Taylor Haynes and Bill Dahlin.

Mary Throne won the Democratic Party primary with 12,948 votes, followed by Michael Allen Green, Kenneth Casner and Rex Wilde.

Gordon's and Throne's pictures are at the top of the website with "Wyoming Deserves Better" beneath them.

"Greenpeace Mark Gordon," says the website, followed by "Born in New York City, Educated in Vermont."

The website goes on to say Gordon was rejected by 70 percent of Republicans in the primary, "is a big liberal" and cites his relationships to John Kerry, John Edwards and  Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic National Committee. (Gordon received 33.4 percent of GOP primary votes cast -- or was rejected by 66.6 percent; Friess received 25.6 percent of the primary votes -- or was rejected by 74.4 percent of Republicans.)

The website also cites Gordon's relationships to "far-left environmental groups," and had "zero chance to win on his own and so he enlisted over 10,000 Democrats to switch parties and vote for him – Shame on you Mark, Sad Little Mark Gordon – Born and raised in New York City." (Friess was born in Rice Lake, Wis.)

The criticism of the Democratic candidate is much shorter: "Liberal Mary Throne, Committed to Making Wyoming the New San Francisco."

She has no chance of winning because Democrats are content with Gordon, who will owe the Democrats when they need their liberal spending no-bid contracts signed into law, according to the website. "Mary Throne = Liberal with ZERO chance"

But with Friess, according to the website, the state will have "A Bright Future for Wyoming Families."

He won the majority of conservatives in the primary and could appoint Hageman as  Attorney General, according to the website. "Two amazing conservatives taking control of the swamp in Cheyenne."

The website urges its readers to launch a write-in campaign. With his 30,000 votes, joined by those who voted for Hageman, Galeotos and Haynes, according the website, the state can have a "conservative Republican, endorsed by President Trump to govern Wyoming!"

The petition asks for readers' email and other personal information.

It also has a message urging Friess to run as a write-in candidate with the suggested wording, "Mark Gordon is as big a liberal as Mary Throne and we don't want to settle for these two terrible options! Please pray and consider this draft from your fellow citizens! God Bless...."

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