Most city ordinances prevent liquor stores and strip joints from being too close to schools. But what about a gun range?

Some residents of Waterbury, CT, are literally up in arms after the city approved zoning for a gun range and accompanying firearms store just hundreds of feet from an elementary school.

Proponents of the business say it poses no risk to the young students and would help fuel the local economy, and city councilman Jason VanStone said the proposed project should go forward.

But other people are furious. Parents said the shooting range itself isn’t the only concern — they’re also worried about the lead from discarded bullet casings.

“I’d say total insanity. A gun range should not be put next to a school, period. Put it on the outskirts of Waterbury, or somewhere else,” said community activist Lisa Lessard.

The local board of education sued the city last summer to stop the development, but Waterbury’s mayor says the suit is costing the city too much money and has thus asked the board to reconsider. The school board will meet on Thursday to mull things over.

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