Halloween is quickly approaching and there is one thing on everyone’s mind- what will everyone be wearing this year? The answer is not a simple one. Hollywood gave way to the most recent string of super hero movies, which will no doubt dominate Halloween this year. Then there are those who prefer to stay on top of the pop-culture landscape, so you will see a cacophony of costumes relative to happenings in news, books, and other non-super hero movies. Regardless, this is going to be a great year for Halloween costumes. With that, we’ve prepared a list of the 10 Costumes You Will See In Casper On Halloween 2012.


#10- Where’s Waldo?

This costume really made it's presence felt last Halloween. It was such a simple idea, yet one that not many people had thought of. That changed last year and it seemed like every Halloween party you went to had at least 5 Waldos. It's a simple costume really. Glasses, striped shirt, hat- that's all you really need.




Those who will wear it: Hipsters who are too poor to buy any other costume. They already have the glasses and everything.

How To Stand Out- If you really want to stand out, show up to the party with about 100 of your friends. Get another friend of yours to get a helicopter (or, ya know, stand on the roof) and take an aerial shot of all of you standing around. Print out the picture and send it to all of your friends and family, and make them look for you in the crowd.


#9- Barack Obama

In what could possibly be his last year in office, Barack Obama is sure to be a hit this Halloween. Presidents have always been a popular Halloween Costume, dating back to the days of JFK and the like. This year will be no different, as people will want to celebrate the end of Obama's first (and possibly last) term. The costume is easy to make. All you have to do is get an Obama mask and a suit (which you should already have because, let's face it, suits are awesome). That's all it takes, as well as a go-to attitude. Bonus points if, when asked whether you and your friends can down an entire keg(if you're 21 or older) you say "Yes We Can."

Those Who Will Wear It- Democrats who want to pay homage to their favorite president/ Republicans who want to mock him.

How So Stand Out- Wear an Obama mask and the weirdest outfit you could think of. Lingerie, a Ninja Turtles costume, Dr. Frank N' Furter's outfit from Rocky Horror Picture Show, whatever. People will be very confused.


#8- Ghostface

Ah, the classic. Ghostface has been a staple of Halloween ever since 1996, when the movie Scream popularized the classic mask, black tunic, and long knife. It will be especially popular this year, as Scream 4 is still fresh on most people's minds. For twelve years, Ghostface has always been a popular choice for both young and old alike. It's creepy, it's easy to find, and it allows you to stalk your friends without them knowing who you are. Usually, the costume will come as one easy-to-buy set. But if you don't want the costume, you can always just buy the mask.

Those Who Will Wear It- People who aren't that creative and have probably worn the same costume since '96. Classics never go out of style!

How To Stand Out- Get a group of friends together and play a game (a la Clue) to try to figure out which one of you is actually Ghostface. If you want to get really hardcore, get your group together, find an unsuspecting young heroine, and reenact Happy Birthday To Me.


#7- Spiderman/Spidergirl

The Amazing Spiderman hit theatres this year, and anytime a super hero movie comes out, the following Halloween will bear witness to costumes from that movie. With box office heavyweights such as Batman and The Avengers also coming out this year, it's easy for Spidey to get lost in the crowd. That being said, there are some Marvel fans who like your friendly neighborhood spider more than Captain America, Iron Man, and the rest. It helps that Spiderman is a much easier/cheaper/less constrictive costume than most of the other Marvel heros.

Those Who Will Wear It- The ones who want to be a superhero but also want to stand out from the crowd/Creepy guy who wants to sling his web at you without you knowing who he is.

How To Stand Out- You won't. Spiderman is a pansy and there is no way to make him cool.


#6- Zombie

With the success of The Walking Dead, zombies were a sure thing this Halloween. Then, news of actual zombies began to hit the airwaves,  and zombie fandom reached even more dizzying heights. There are some people who actually do believe that the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us, and they can't wait to sink their teeth (pun completely intended) into this classic costume idea.




Those Who Will Wear It- Zombie Geeks who plan their whole year around their costume.

How To Stand Out- Anyone can get some makeup and tattered clothes and be a Zombie. If you want to really stand out, find a famous person and become a zombified-version of them. Choices could include: Obama, Jesus (who was really the ultimate Zombie), Jared from Subway, the guy who wrote Catcher In The Rye, Katy Perry, The Olson twins, Lindsay Lohan(actually, you could just go as Lindsay Lohan. She already looks like a Zombie) or Batman. Bonus Points if you go as a local zombified-celebrity. Bob Price, Dick Cheney, etc.


#5- Katniss Everdeen

The fabled star of The Hunger Games is a lock to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year. What's cool about this costume is that it is really up for interpretation. Clothes choice is really up to you, just make sure that you have the few items necessary to bring Katniss to life- the Mockingjay pin, a bow and arrows (preferably fake), and something to do with fire. The rest is up to you.



Those Who Will Wear It- Younger girls who were empowered by the character of Katniss and the courage, selflessness and never-say-die attitude that she conveyed/Other younger girls who just want to pretend that Liam Hemsworth is in love with them.

How To Stand Out- Figure out a way to have a costume made of fire. The River takes no responsibility heretofor for the loss of costume, hair or house that may be the direct result of someone trying to achieve this goal.


#4- The Avengers

We're lumping these all together because The Avengers could have been a whole costume-idea list by themselves. There's the heavy hitters- Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. But there's also the B-team- Nick Fury, Hawkeye, whoever the chick Scarlett Johansen plays (we're team DC, ok??). Every member of The Avengers merits their own costume. The four main heroes will likely see the most exposure though.




Those Who Will Wear It- Marvel-ites who refuse to give Batman anymore attention than he already has.

How To Stand Out- There are a few ways. Obviously, if you can somehow convince your friends to all dress up like these guys, that'd be awesome. Another idea may be to show up to a Halloween party as their altar-egos (Tony Stark, Bruce Banner,  whatever Captain America's real name is, and...um...well Thor doesn't really have an altar-ego, but work with us here).  Then, once an emergency happens, like you run out of French Onion dip, one of you yell out "Avengers Unite!" and very quickly get into your super hero garb. This may be hard for Hulk, but we trust that you can pull it off.


#3- Catwoman

This is the purrrrfect choice for a girl who wants to be fiendishly charming this Halloween. With The Dark Knight Rises playing in full force, Catwoman is being brought to a whole new generation. Anne Hathaway's portrayal of Selina Kyle is one of the sexiest yet, which will no doubt lead to many a young lady wanting to take a crack of the whip at her.



Those Who Will Wear It- Comic Book nerds who have been waiting since the terrible Halle Berry movie to don the leather and mask again without getting made fun of.

How To Stand Out- Most everyone will be rocking the Anne Hathaway-inspired costume. If we were you (and we're glad we're not, cause we wanna look at you) we would go for the 1992 Batman Returns version of Catwoman. This version of The Cat will always be the hottest, in our opinion. Plus, it's a lot more fun to wear. Don't ask how we know this.


#2- Batman

Um, duh. Why wouldn't you wear the costume of the star of one of the biggest blockbusters of the year? We're pretty sure every guy in the world is going to dress as Batman this year. The Dark Knight Rises is still making money hand over fist, anyone who sees the movie comes out of it wanting to kick the collective butts of the criminal underworld. Unfortunately, most of us have no actual athletic skills whatsoever, so we'll settle for just dressing like the Caped Crusader.



Those Who Will Wear This Costume- Any guy who has seen The Dark Knight Rises/Any guy who loves Batman/Any guy who knows of Batman/ Any guy who really wants to hook up with the girls who dress up like Catwoman.

How To Stand Out- If you really want to stand out, wear a non-typical costume. Most everyone will be wearing the Nolan-inspired cape and cowl. But Batman is timeless, and there are a bunch of different Batman costumes to choose from. Our favorite, much like Catwoman, will always be the costume from the Tim Burton movies.


#1- Slutty Anything

Us: What are you this year?

Girl: I'm a slutty angel/nurse/teacher/pirate/pumpkin/tree/grandmother

Obviously, Halloween is about one thing- dressing as scandalous as possible. Most women know this and act accordingly. Whether you're  going as a bumblebee, a librarian, or former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher, chances are  you're going to be the slutty version of that. We have no problem with this, but we encourage you to embrace the actual history of Halloween(Google Samhain...or at least focus on scary costumes and candy), instead of just looking for an excuse to show off the goods.


Those Who Will Wear This Costume- Pretty much any girl ever.

How To Stand Out- Don't be this! Any girl can go to the party as  the slutty candy bar. It takes a real (and sexier) woman to buck the tradition and actually think of a cool costume that shows more of your creativity, and less of your T&A. This year, we encourage you to think up a cool costume that will get people's attention without having to show 2/3 of your chest...of course, we won't complain if you decide to do that anyway.



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