On this day reserved for those who fought for our freedom here in America, we pause and reflect on those Veterans who served so bravely and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. We, the nation, say a heartfelt, "Thank you."Everyone of these men and women are heroes and heroines in my book, including my younger brother, Larry.

Let me give you some background. Larry is 8 years younger than myself and has taught his big brother a few lessons. Larry had an opportunity to be an L.A. Dodger, but for reasons not known to me (I never asked) he chose to join The United States Army.

He served in the Gulf War conflict, first wave Saudi Arabia (1990), The Persian Gulf War and returned home safe and sound. He lives in Alabama with his wife, Sonya, and together they are raising 3 teenagers and a grand-baby under one roof.

On this day all about Veterans I proudly look to a young man that I look up to for so many reasons and say, "You'll never know how much I love you and the depth of my gratitude for your service to this country." Enjoy your day and to all your fellow service men and women, and thanks for making this country the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!