Wyoming is home to some of the most exciting wildlife in the country and one of the rarely seen wolverines has been caught on video.

A man named Carl Kemp and his daughter Maya were on a tour of Yellowstone March 5, 2022 with Yellowstone Insight Tours when they caught a rare glimpse of a WOLVERINE.

According to Yellowstone National Park, there are only about 7 wolverines in the park at any given time and are rarely seen. The Wolverine is part of the weasel family and these dudes are bad mamba jamba's.

Except for during mating season, the wolverine usually travels alone and rarely get along with members of the same sex.

The parks page at NPS.gov says

Climate-change models predict that by 2050, the spring snowpack needed for wolverine denning and hunting will be limited to portions of the southern Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada range, and greater Yellowstone, of which only the latter currently has a population.

The wolverine sometimes gets confused with a small bear, but it a prime example of 'Big things come in small packages'. The aggressive stocky creature usually goes after small prey like rabbits and rodents, but have been known to drop animals the size of a small elk.

In the video you can hear the excitement in the voices of those in the vehicle as the wolverine is spotted in the middle of the road. They stopped the vehicle and were able to capture pictures and videos of the critter before it took off into the Yellowstone forest.

A Yellowstone Park Ranger and the Yellowstone Insight Tour Guide both estimated the curious wolverine was around 30 pounds.

It's definitely a cool (once in a lifetime) video. Check it out.

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