The is reporting complaints of a foul smell of bodily fluids, beer, nachos and other noxious ingredients combining to make a witches brew of olfactory obnoxiousness.

"People, it appears, have been pooping, peeing, vomiting, bleeding and spilling nacho cheese all over the stairs at Red Rocks for months, which has lead to a now infamously noxious odor that plagues the very being of patrons."

The smell seems to emanate from the bottom of that long east stairway where people gather in the cue to party, but people seem to have a difficult time finding a restroom. Puke, pee and poop along with other nastiness seems to be generating a stench that some would say you should wear a containment suit.

The Denver Post says: "Red Rocks management says they've heard no complaints about stench."

What has your experience been?

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