The Casper Historic Preservation Commission wants to hear from you. It's kicking off  its Strategic Planning process, which will determine historic preservation priorities and goals for the next five to ten years. “This is about our historic buildings, places and districts in Casper and how resources affecting them will be used,” said chairperson Connie Thompson. “We think public input is vital to our planning.”

Kerry Davis, an Architectural Historian who is part of the process, said questions include asking residents about which places in Casper stand out as important or threatened, and what programs or activities you would like to see happen, such as tours or workshops.

"All of those kinds of questions to get feedback from the public to help direct the Preservation Commission so that they're truly representing the constituents and it's not someone's pet project moving forward, said Davis. "It really is representing what Casper residents would like to see."

Thompson said historic buildings can be lost if we don't pay attention. "We need their help to just keep everybody aware and engaged in how important this is. We've lost so many buildings that have become a big part of our history and all we have now is pictures and articles."

Davis said history really is best coming from the local level rather than from outsiders or even someone from the state or federal level. "It's really is best from the grassroots and the ground up. So it's best to know, where are those places that any particular Casper resident or citizen identifies with, what re those places, that built environment and that fabric really speak to make Casper unique and different than any other Wyoming community, or community in the West, really".

The survey will be open until the end of February at the City of Casper website, casper Hard copies are available at City Hall and at the Natrona County Library.

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