Over the last couple years we saw low gas prices and now we all wish we could back to the lower prices.

Filling up the gas tank has become one of the highest bills I have every month. I'm a single guy with no kids and it's breaking the bank. I can't imaging having multiple cars in a bigger family. Kids getting to school, spouses running errands and back n forth to work, after school activities, church, shopping trips and the list goes on.

According to energy.gov, there are a few ways you could beat the high gas prices by changing the way you drive.

  • Slow Down - slower driving means burning less fuel
  • Maintain your vehicle - good running vehicles burn less fuel
  • Use engine wisely - engines today are built to be efficient, using it properly will benefit you.
  • Be smart when driving and your destinations - only use your vehicle when you need to. Clump together errands and activities. Idling in traffic doesn't save money, try to avoid high traffic times.
  • Keep your car empty of extra items - extra weight in your car equals more fuel burned.

The gas prices don't look like they're coming down any time soon, so if you're bank account cries every time you go to the pump, it may be time to look for alternative measures.

I'll be the first one to raise my hand if someone were to ask "who in the room is lazy?". I'm not proud of that, but that's were MANY of us are these days. Running around outside all day, walking to the park, riding your bike to the store, are all things we did as kids but stopped when life started getting in the way. When it comes to saving money because it costs be over $100 to fill up my truck...it's time to look at not being so lazy.

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