If you've ever wondered what the A-Frame cabin near Bear Trap on Casper Mountain looks like, I've found a handful of pics to give you an idea.

I just noticed that this home is available on Realtor.com so I figured I owed you a few pics to check out about this unique home. The physical address on the listing is 10250 Eureka.

How close is this A-Frame cabin to Bear Trap? This map will give you an idea. You're practically next door.

Google Maps Satellite View

The listing indicates this home was built on Casper Mountain back in 1979. I have to believe the builder had snow in mind when he/she decided on the A-Frame shape. Much better to have a roof where the snow just slides on down instead of wearing your roof out.

This is one of those iconic Casper Mountain homes that you probably have seen and wondered what it looked like on the inside. Now you know. Check out the full Realtor listing for more details. The current asking price as of today is $129,000.

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