If you're a lover of the outdoors and have a little bit of property where you like to escape and enjoy nature, but are getting tired of a tent and sleeping on the hard ground, I have the solution. How about building your own small cabin?

Let's rundown what you'd need for a project like this.

  • land
  • lumber & supplies
  • proper tools
  • extra time
  • little bit of carpentry skill

Does it seem like a project that you're ready to tackle? I always think projects like this would be simple. I come from a long line of project builders, my grandpa's built homes and barns, my dad has finished basements and built barns, I think I could do it.

In reality, it seems much easier that it would be, but it would be fun. I started looking (more like dreaming) at property where I could get out, spend time in nature and have an easy place to get away from time to time. Once I discovered land that I thought was perfect, I started going further down the rabbit hole and looking at how to build a cabin. The video I found made it look simple. I'm sure I know enough people that would like to  use of a cabin in Wyoming and would lend a hand to get it built. Only a couple things are stopping me...

  1. Don't have the land
  2. Don't have the money for the land

The internet is a great (and sometimes not great) resource for finding information and ideas for helping you with a project. The internet rabbit hole that I ventured down lead me to a guy named Dave Whipple and his Bushradical YouTube channel. Dave spent a few days on a piece of property he owns and he builds a cabin from start to finish. He showed almost every step and made me think I could do it.

I know it's not an easy task but if you take a look at the video, you'll probably think you can do it too.

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