If the Ice Bucket Challenge was a charitable excuse for a global wet t-shirt contest, we suppose that this is the next logical step.

The newest social media trend is the "Hold a Coke With Your Boobs Challenge." Not the most creative name, but it does state all you need to know about the challenge.  If you haven't figured it out, the entire point of the challenge is for women to pose topless, squeezing a can or bottle of Coke between their breasts and take a picture or show off in a short video.

According to the official Facebook page, the real reason for the challenge is to raise awareness for breast cancer, but we think money might be about the only thing NOT getting raised and seems more like a chance for some ladies to showing off their goods.

As far as we can tell, no one's gone fully nude yet and we've researched it a LOT!  Some of the women appear in a type of bra or bikini top, however most are doing it topless with their nipples strategically covered by pasties or their hair or even Coke bottle caps (Genius!).

Both Coca-Cola and the Breast Cancer Foundation have announced they have nothing to do with this challenge.

But don't let that stop you. Hurry up and post a topless photo for . . . um . . . what was the cause again?

You can check out lots of photos and videos of women doing the challenge, you can search for "hold a coke with your boobs challenge" on YouTube or Facebook.  But before you click through, know that the results are barely safe for work.

And yes, even a fat guy or two have taken up the challenge including our very own Rick Roddam!  Flashing the skin and squeezing the moobs tight... and we apologize in advance if you throw up a little after seeing this...

Rick Roddam, Townsquare Media