Now that it's 2014, we're one year away from 2015 - the year Marty McFly travels into the future in Back to the Future part II. In that movie he rides what they called a Hoverboard. Basically, it's set up like a skate board but, instead of wheels, it hovers a few inches off the ground. Although it was just a movie, many are asking (usually, in a sarcastic sense) that there's only one year left until Hoverboards are available. I have reason to believe that the Hoverboard should have already been on the public market. Here's why.

In the movie, he asks to borrow a little girl's hoverboard. The hoverboard he used was meant for kids and was equipped with handlebars that he easily popped out. The bullies pulled out their hoverboards that had a different design that would likely appeal to older teens. Both are human operated as you have to 'kick' to get them to move much like you would a skateboard or scooter.

The kicker that makes me believe that hoverboards should be available right now is when Griff pulled out his 'Pitbull' - a rocket-powered hoverboard (complete in custom case). This hoverboard requires a feet-free propulsion unit most likely a weight sensitive gyro like those found in Segways and even has a pull-rope option for up-to three riders on standard hoverboards.

If you need a refresher, here's the famous scene.

There is no way they would release a gyro/rocket upgrade to the hoverboard without the hoverboard already being on the market for at least a year or two. Could you imagine if the skateboard was released for the first time and, shortly there-after, they released a skateboard with rockets? No way would that happen.

Of course this is fiction and you're not supposed to think of things like that, but scientists have made small objects levitate using sonic waves so, who knows, maybe the hoverboard will be released some day. Probably not in 2015 but we can all still hope. I'm not sure Mattel would attach their name to an a fully-functional Hoverboard as it may cause serious accidents to children of kids trying to ride hoverboards off of buildings and what-not. Maybe we'll see a Hoverboard Kickstarter - we'll see.

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