AskMen teamed up with online dating site Zoosk to find dating conversation starters that work. Their data is based on real messages users send each other. And there are surprises.

Complimenting someone’s glasses increases the response rate by 39%.

Using the word adorable will increase chances of a reply by 66%.

Talking about sun decreases a reply rate 12%, but overall weather increases it 39%.

Just saying HiHello lessens response rate 20%, Hey 39% less, Howdy 19% less.

Now More of Askmen’s advice for a great opening message:

Ask about her profile, not her photo.

Don’t ask her out in a first message. See if she’s free. Don’t say “date." Try “Go out.”

Focus on unique, specific, compliments:  Hair gets 6% more responses. Eyes get 11% more responses. A tattoo gets 13% more responses. Glasses 39% more responses!

You can be a little flirty.  Messages that use the word “crush” get 26% more responses. “Adorable” gets 66% more response!  Use the word “trouble” and you’ll get 42% more response. (Hmmm)

Thanks, Zoosk. They agreed to help out because, “Men mostly don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to meeting women.” Hey Hey Hey, C’mon! Okay, they’re right.

Not that all Wyoming women are the same, but here is OUR advice may work like a charm – or not.

"Are you a supporter of concealed carry, or just really happy to see me?"

"Those boots must be Justin, because that booty keeps me adjustin' my eyes.'"

“Git in the truck.”

"Did you recently get branded, because that butt is on fire?"

"Howdy, my nickname is Devil's Tower."

Here are a few of our totally made up guesses for Wyoming love success. 

Complimenting someone’s Carhart's increases the response rate by 40%.

Just saying Howdy, or How doo may reduce response rate 19%, unless in Wyo.

Talking about our wind decreases the reply rate 12%, but overall weather increases it 39%.

Using the word wrangler will increase your chances by 66% for a reply.

Mentioning a truck gets 69% more responses.

And finally ... rolling coal” decreases chances for a woman who has all her teeth.

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