Since the mid 18th century, there have been reports of a phantom ship on the North Platte River. It appears in autumn between Torrington and Alcova. It is known as the Wyoming Death Ship.

On the Platte, a thick fog will engulf the river. Out of the mist appears an ancient ship with a ghostly crew scampering around the deck. They conceal something lying in the center. The ship floats towards you as what's lying on the deck becomes clear. It is the body of a close loved one.

If you see this ship of death, the person you see on the deck will die shortly after witnessing the vision. Or that is how the legend goes.

While researching this story, it was difficult to find a solid source. Each story online cited a very similar website stating the same facts in some endless cycle. What do you expect when searching for ghosts? It took a lot of digging to find one grain of evidence which is wrapped in more unverified truths.

The first nugget came from the book More Haunted Houses by Dolores Riccio, Joan Bingham. In it they wrote, the first ever FATE Magazine published a story on the Death Ship of Wyoming. This would be the first modern-day publication of the story back in 1948.

We were unable to obtain a copy of the vintage magazine nor verify its contents. FATE Magazine is an original when it comes reporting on ufos, the unknown, and otherworldly sightings. Their motto is "the world's leading magazine of the paranormal."

The book goes on to credit the Cheyenne Bureau of Psychological Research and Vincent H. Gaddis. I wasn't able to find anything on the web about the said bureau, but Gaddis is someone notable in the world of the paranormal. Vincent H. Gaddis is the man who coined the term Bermuda Triangle. He was alive during the time of the publication of Fate. In fact, it would have been the early days of his writing.

That is where this story ends. Any tangible proof vanished into the fog. No trace of Gaddis in Wyoming. No trace of the Cheyenne Bureau of Psychological Research. Just as the story appears, it vanishes much like things entering into the Bermuda Triangle.

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