Have you ever found yourself on an internet quest that no one asked for? That just happened to me as I decided to find where they film the TV series "Yellowstone" on Google Maps. I'm pretty sure I was successful.

Kevin Costner's show "Yellowstone" has become quite a hit. We recently shared news that the show is looking for extras for the upcoming season that they're filming in the near future. We connected that to the news that for the next year at least they'll only be filming in Montana instead of Utah. We also know that there is a film crew from "Yellowstone" that has set up shop at Chief Joseph Ranch.

Knowing those facts, I did a search for Chief Joseph Ranch on Google Maps and found some interesting stuff. This ranch is located on US 93 near Darby, Montana. Assuming you're heading south on 93, you'll notice a very familiar gate on your right.

Google Maps Street View

That's not the only gate. A little further down the road is another gate with "Chief Joseph Ranch" above it and a very curious building that Google has blurred out. Wonder what that is?

Google Maps Street View

It's obvious that Google is trying to hide something, but they're not quite as clever as they think as I inched the map down just a little and found a view taken from a different year that shows a very familiar white barn.

Google Maps Street View

Here it is in the original Yellowstone season 1 trailer.

One Media via YouTube

I feel like a TV detective that has discovered something that really isn't that hard to find yourself. Google "Chief Joseph Ranch" and go to the map and the little thumbnail even shows the big "Y" on the side of the barn. You can zoom down to street view and see what the filming location of "Yellowstone" looks like yourself if you happen to be driving by it.

Last time I checked, Chief Joseph Ranch were not accepting any other 2020 reservations due to the film crew taking up so much of the location, but there's always 2021 if you want to road trip to your favorite new show place. The show creator said he expects at least 3 more seasons of Yellowstone, so you have some time to plan.

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