Attention cat owners! Halloween may be over, but you probably still may get a kick out of dressing your cat up in adorable costumes. Well, cats everywhere want you to know that they don’t share your enthusiasm for the holiday. Furthermore, they don’t want people to wear costumes that perpetuate cat stereotypes. Thus, they’re speaking out in this hilarious parody public service announcement. 

It is important to note this poster is a spoof inspired by a circulating viral ad campaign started by ‘Students Teaching Against Racism’ (STARS).  Their goal is to remind and inform people that culturally insensitive costumes not only lack creativity, but they also offend the people of the cultures that they mock.

Cat costumes, on the other hand, just make Kitty sad. Keep that in mind for next Halloween, and every day in between. Check out the ‘I’m a Cat — Not a Costume’ PSA poster below.

I'm a Cat Not a Costume PSA

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