James Walker, the caretaker at Independence Rock, said his 1-year-old basset hound was just being a puppy when she got out of the fence.

Walker said someone picked up his dog and drove off with her on April 2. He doesn't think the person was being malicious. They probably thought the puppy was abandoned.

But Walker said he would like Daisy back. He said the person who picked her up at the rest area near Independence Rock asked around for a bit before driving off in a white vehicle. They probably didn't realize Walker and Daisy have a home tucked away.

Walker says he has a hunch his dog is probably in Casper. Whoever she's with, she's probably getting on their nerves.

Daisy is skinny, hasn't been spayed, is covered in freckles with a red face

Walker is offering a cash, no questions asked, reward for whoever brings Daisy back. Anyone with information should call 307-377-0390.

"I love the dog and I want her back," Walker said. "We're still trying hard."

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