If you've ever built a campfire, you know it can be frustrating to get the fire started, especially if you can't find dry leaves or sticks. Or if you're trying to light a fire in your fireplace and don't have paper. In some cases it could be a life or death situation, so you need to know what everyday items you can use as a fire starter.

There have been many times I've been out camping and it started raining before I could get my fire going and it's a horrible feeling being wet, cold and not having the heat source.

Outdoorlife.com put together a list of items you can use in a pinch to get that roaring fire going.

Duct Tape
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DUCT TAPE: Growing up, my Grandpa always said "duct tape will fix anything"...seems like that is a true statement, in this case as well. Pull off a large strip of duct tape off the roll and crumple it up, use a lighter or match and the tape will start to melt and burn.

Potato chips.
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CHIPS: Your favorite chips not only taste good, but they can be the deciding factor in whether you get a fire started or not. The chips are high in fat and that means they're an excellent source to start your fire.

lip balm on old wood
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CHAPSTICK: With the windy, dry conditions we have in Wyoming many people have a tube of Chapstick rolling around in their vehicle and because of that, you could be saved from the cold. Any waxy lip balm will act like a candle if you put a wick in it, or will make anything burn longer if you put the balm on paper or cotton cloth.

Last on the list of 4...

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TAMPONS: Normally made from packed cotton fibers, if you spread out the fibers you'll have a great source to ignite your fire.

Now the important part, you have to make sure you pack these items when you're heading out into the wilderness.

Check out this video of how to light the chips.

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