DeWalt apparently has a solution for home protection that doesn't require a license or registration.  There is no background check or ten day waiting periods for this implement of home security.  Introducing the Dewalt assault nail gun.  Is this for real?

This image appeared on Facebook as an alternative to owning an "assault rifle" in the wake of recent weapon ban proposals.  This "assault nail gun" resembles an M-16, which is one model of many assault rifles on list for restriction.  The DeWalt assault nail gun boasts that it can fire a 16-D size nail through a 2x4 at 200 yards.  Perfect for protection during a home invasion, or helping your neighbor down the street build his fence without leaving your own yard.  Since this "weapon" is technically a tool, it would be free from federal weapon restrictions.  The big question is whether this is real or not.  Is this a legitimate tool in production?  Or is this just a crafty gun owner with a sense of humor?  What do you think?

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