St. Mark's Episcopal is one of Cheyenne's oldest churches. According to some, the bell tower is haunted by a worker who fell to his death during its construction. In 1886, the bell tower was built, and this is where the story begins.

According to the video, a Swedish mason worker fell during the construction of the bell tower and died. His fellow worker who feared deportation hid the body inside a newly constructed wall. Many decades later in 1966, the tell-tale heart confessed his sin the new pastor, Father Todd.

There have been reports of banging coming from inside the walls along with strange wispier sounds. The video talks of a radio show who tried to broadcast from the location, but was interrupted by unknown forces.

This encounter is also documented on In 1979 a radio deejay from Cheyenne and a psychic from Denver visited the tower on Halloween night. During their short visit to the tower, the psychic, Dr. Wright, feels a weight of dread and later sees dancing balls of light. Their overnight stay is cut short to 15 minutes as they retreat from the building. Once outside the bell rings mysteriously without a living soul inside the tower.

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