The Masters Golf Tournament signifies spring and the best golfers in the world competing for the coveted Green Jacket, given to the tournament winner. Augusta, Georgia will be the epi-center of all things golf beginning April 10th.

Tiger Woods seems to be in tatters leading up to the first Golf Major of the Year. His back is in tatters, his game is in tatters and his reputation is still suffering (slightly) from his marital problems of the past. What golfer in today's game do you feel is trustworthy?

Repucom, a global sports marketing and research company, posed that questioned to golf fans about the game's best-known players.

At one time, Tiger Woods might have been considered the most trustworthy golfer but that was probably before news of his marital problems surfaced several years ago.

Today, Woods' rival, Phil Mickelson, leads the pack with 69 percent of respondents in the Repucom survey describing him as the most trustworthy golfer. "Lefty" was followed by Adam Scott at 68 percent and Rory McIlroy and Bubba Watson tied with 63 percent.

Tiger only managed 44 percent, a sign of how far his star as fallen, along with golf game.

He'll have a long way to go to catch up with Mickelson who also leads the pack in the categories of appeal, aspiration, awareness, influence and being a trendsetter, according to the survey.