Well, this is some fun and disturbing stuff.

Special thanks to Bryan Auston for sending me these photos.

So we have several giant skeletons, regular size skeletons, and spiders.

Two of the skeletons seem to be getting sick, though I wonder how that works because he doesn't have a stomach anymore.

But then again there is that skeleton behind him eating a spider. Maybe he got sick from that. Not sure. I'm not going to ask the skeleton. I'll watch while you do that.

attachment-Skeleton eating spider bryan auston

The house is boarded up due to the war in their front yard.

Why is the pumpkin king punching the skeleton boy in the face?

Maybe the skeleton boy wanted some pumpkin pie after eating a spider.

Not sure. Maybe you can make up a better story.

Again, I'm not going to ask them. I'm sure they will both turn on me if I do.

attachment-skeleton fight pumpkin man bryan auston photo

OKAY hold on I think I'm beginning to understand here.

It seems a giant spider has hatching babies on the front walk of this house.

The skeletons are attacking the spiders. The spiders are fighting back.

The skeletons are using pumpkins as weapons.

That is what has angered the pumpkin king and why he is punching a skeleton.


attachment-spooky yard war halloween casper bryan auston photo

Does this tombstone give us a clue as to what is going on?

I'm surprised it is the only tombstone in the yard. I mean, where did all those skeletons come from?

OH LOOK! It's a poem.

Roses are read.
Violets are blue.
It came for me.
Now it will come for you.

attachment-tombstone bryan auston


One of the giant skeletons has a pumpkin head.

That might make me rethink why the pumpkin king is punching that skeleton in the face.

Honestly, you could spend an hour in front of this Casper Wyoming house trying to figure out what's going on.

attachment-giant skeleton casper brian auston photo

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