BMW originally resisted putting cup holders in their cars because their cars are meant to be driven with both hands on the wheel or with one hand on the shifter. Forget the latte and focus on driving.

“I love those Bavarians, so meticulous.” – Don Henley (listen loud)

So here’s you, rolling down the highway with a full tank of gas, a clean windshield and just the right tunes playing, and then, there’s an idiot driving slow in the passing lane. You want to get right up behind them so they see you in their mirror but that could cost lives. Do you pass on the right?

I checked with Jamie Janicek .at the Wyoming State Highway Patrol and she said driving slower than the posted speed limit in the left lane CAN get the slowpoke a $70 ticket. If you pass said moron on the right, that’s ok, in Wyoming.

In Montana, driving slow in the left lane is ok, if, that’s IF you’re not impeding traffic. If you start stacking up vehicles behind you and the officer can make a judgement call of $85. The Montana State Highway Patrol also told me it’s ok to pass on the right with impunity. Just watch for incoming cars and the like.

Texas, on the other hand, takes their driving seriously, with a $200 fine for stupidity in the left lane. Slow drivers are dangerous, so they spank them hard.

A call to the Colorado Highway Patrol ended up in a seemingly endless loop of recorded shunts to other numbers and finally, an information officer who let it go to voice mail and by posting time, did not return my call. You're on your own there.

“The left lane is called the passing lane. If you’re a slow driver and you’re not passing, get out of that lane.”

NOTE: In Wyoming you can speed up to 10 miles over to pass someone.


NASCAR drivers Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick and Danica Patrick on slow drivers in the left lane.


Can’t we all just get along? Sure, if you stay outta my lane!

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