Every summer the Casper Police Department receives more than 100 found property calls regarding lost and/or found bicycles, according to a news release.

The vast majority of these bicycles never find their owners and the Department wants to change that.

In partnership with multiple private and public entities the Department is introducing the bicycle registration system at the Department's website.

Follow the steps below to register your bicycle:

1.) Scan the Police Department QR code.

Casper Police Department
Casper Police Department

2.) Find your bicycle serial number.

Casper Police Department
Casper Police Department

3.) Complete the bicycle registration form.

4.) Submit form.

The bicycle registration form exists in a private database used only for locating owners of stolen or lost bicycles.

Every data field is not required to register, members of #ourcommunity should put in the information they have.

If the bicycle does not have a serial number, an identifying five-digit code can be obtained from the Police Department during normal business hours.

If your business is interested in supporting the Bicycle Registration Campaign with QR Code signage, stickers, etc., please contact Department public information officer Amber Freestone at (307) 439-3259.

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