Like a bad burrito, this scam keeps coming back up.

The Natrona County Sheriff's Office says it has received several calls from area residents reporting a phone scam, according to a press release.

A male calls from a spoofed 307 area code phone number, claims to be a Sheriff's Office sergeant, says the resident has missed jury duty, and now must pay him thousands of dollars in fines via Apple Pay.

In some instances, the scammer says the resident was to appear for jury duty over Zoom and they missed the Zoom meeting, resulting in a large fine needing immediate payment.

On Thursday, the Sheriff's Office says it has learned of a new twist on the scam. A scammer calls residents from a 307 area code, claims to be “Sgt. Ernie Nichols,” and asks residents for payment to clear a warrant.

The Sheriff's Office will never contact a resident by telephone to collect money or financial information.

Likewise, it will never ask a resident to pay a fine via Apple Pay, Venmo, gift cards, or other unsecure payment methods.

Deputies bearing proper identification will always speak with residents in person.

Please continue calling our Sheriff's Office at (307) 235-9282 to verify any suspicious phone calls.

Be aware that the scammer will likely change tactics.

However, all these tactics attempt to intimidate residents and make them feel they must act urgently.

Again, do not send money via unsecure payment methods, always verify information by calling our direct phone lines or by visiting us in person at our administrative office.

Please share this information with friends, family, and neighbors.

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