You've heard it a thousand times: "The weather wouldn't be so bad here if it wasn't for the wind."

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Well, it is for the wind. Wyoming, for those unaware, is a very windy place to live. Locals have more or less just learned to live with it but, for those who don't live here, actual proof of the Wyoming wind can be pretty astonishing.

That's why one Casper woman decided to get some video evidence of just how crazy the wind in Wyoming really is.

Last week, Natrona County and many other parts of Wyoming saw a storm for the ages; one that left entire towns closed off from the outside world. One that required actual rescue attempts. One that produced a lot of wind.

And while the snow has stopped, the wind has not, which led Lindsay Clarke Coryell to capture video of exactly what some Casper homeowners are dealing with.

The snow drifts that the Wyoming wind has created are literally almost as big as a house.

"I just wanted to show our friends in other places how crazy the wind can be in Casper," Coryell told K2 Radio News.

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Crazy, indeed. And while the video only featured one neighborhood (Goodstein and Casper Mtn. Road, to be exact) there are undoubtedly other parts of Casper with drifts just as big, if not bigger.

The video shows off a few different drifts that cover the facades of entire houses. So while the snow may be done falling for the time being, the wind will continue to remind Casper residents that we are deep in the midst of winter. Whether we like it or not.

Video of the snow drifts can be seen below:

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