Wyoming is one of the best states for veterans to be live in and more specifically, Casper is a great city in Wyoming for veterans. With many different veteran organizations, veteran owned businesses, and of course many events designed to honor veterans, there's never a lack of support here.

With Veterans Day approaching, you may be wondering where you can go to help out a veteran organization. As I mentioned, in Wyoming, it's not going to be hard to find an event taking place.

One event going on is the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (WY-36-1) Cornhole Tournament at Oil City Beer Company. It's going to be a full day of cornhole, food, beer and music, with 100% of the day's proceeds going to benefit Wyoming Veterans.

C.V.M.A. has different levels of membership:

  • Full Members - Veterans with verified combat service
  • Support Members - Non-combat Veterans and those with a strong dedication to support veterans.
  • Auxiliary Members - Made up of spouses of Full and Support members

Joe Lackey with the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, explains some of the things the association does is:

We try to help other veterans in society in the local area, that have needs that get dropped by all the other groups in the area. The V.A. can do a whole bunch of stuff, but there's a lot of things they don't do for local veterans that we try to help out with. We've bought hot water heaters, we've built stoops on veterans houses that were in shambles and unsafe. Various things like that. That's the niche that we try to fill with any funds that we raise.

Veterans looking out for other veterans.

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