When you're an artist, the creative part of your mind is always working. What some people do for the perfect picture is amazing, and thankfully photographers like Peter Mangolds puts this creative thoughts into motion.

Peter is not only a talented artists, but also a ranger in Yellowstone National Park.

In the fall of 2022, Peter put his body in jeopardy as he entered a stream to get the perfect shot of a bull moose. To get this shot, he was submerged in the cold water for an hour. Not only is this photo simply incredible, his caption is hilarious.

That look you get when you're trying to be all majestic and beautiful AF but you stub your damn toe


~Side note, this image is the top votes image to be on the 2022 National Parks pass! Hopefully it wins!~


~ps I had to sit in the water on a chilly Nov day for an hour to get this and got mild hypothermia lol~

Living and working in Wyoming's beautiful northwest, gives Peter quite a few opportunities to capture breathtaking pictures. His most recent Instagram post is of a bison in front of Old Faithful as it's going off.

Does it get any more Yellowstone than this? A fluffalo standing in front of old filthy with a bird next to him? I think not ~I've seen old faithful go off well over 100 times over the last 5 years both as a ranger and as a guide and it wasn't until the other day that I was able to get the only picture I've ever wanted there ~





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Absolutely an amazing photo captured of Wyoming's beauty.

You can see all of Peters work and order prints, that would be perfect for Christmas presents, on his website.

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